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Toledo Prototype LLC
1440 Timberwolf Drive,
P.O. Box 964
Holland, OH 43528-0964 USA

About Us

One of the reasons we founded Toledo Prototype in 2007 is that we saw a real need for a new approach.  Our experience is that most prototyping operations simply produce a part for you.  In today’s competitive and cost-conscious environment, that simply is not enough.

At Toledo Prototype, we take the time to become your partner.  We understand that in order to help you reach your objectives we need to approach every project with a wider lens.  In short, we aren’t order takers.  We are your project partner.

Whatever “language” you speak; we speak it too.  We speak engineer, designer, marketer, project manager, prototype specialist—you get the idea.   And that’s the filter we use to look at every prototyping assignment.

We use our expertise to help get you the right part the first time.  That typically results in a shorter development timeline and faster commercialization at a competitive price. 

Please call or email us to discuss your next prototyping challenge.