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Toledo Prototype LLC
1440 Timberwolf Drive,
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Holland, OH 43528-0964 USA


3Generic DevelopmentteamYou’ve probably worked with prototyping services in the past that simply take a file and produce a part.  No conversation, no guidance, no consulting—just a simple A to B transaction.  In a perfect world, all projects would be that easy, but in the real world, most are not.

At Toledo Prototype, we know how important “context” is.  We don’t just make the part for you, we become involved in your project.  We ask you how the part will be used.  We may come to your shop to review your objectives.  We might suggest design modifications before we produce the part.  Or we may direct you to another process, altogether.

The point is many companies have prototyping capabilities.  But very few step out of the box to help you meet your goals.  And that’s the Toledo Prototype difference.

  • Responsive, with rapid turnaround
  • Price competitive
  • Personal attention to your project
  • Highly skilled
  • Individual attention to your needs/requirements
  • Can handle multiple CAD file types (many others do not)
  • Provide services from prototype to commercial production
  • Provide cost effective options for limited production requirements